Bayan Baru Air Con Service

Our Routine Air Conditioner Service include:
Systematic examination and cleaning of fancoil
Check all safety circuits
Check and clean cooling coil, water tray and blower
Aircon unit test run after each servicing and repair work
Inspect and clean air filter, cooling coil and fancoil’s blower
Check suction and discharge pressure of the compressors
Check, clean and wash fancoil’s air filter
Detail checking on bolts and nuts for tightness and corrosion
Cleaning of drain pan and flush condensate water drain pipe
Inspect all electrical components
Check compressor for sign of corrosion and abnormal noise during operation
Inspect equipment for refrigerant leaks
Inspect on seals and joints of pipes for leakages, repair (chargeable) if necessary
Flush drainage pipe blockages

Not included but available options: Chemical Wash Condenser Unit Servicing (Rates varies depend on models)