General Air Conditioners Servicing

Our general air conditioning services include full components cleaning, lubrication, installation, dismantle,and reinstallation at very competitive rate in Malaysia. Our component cleaning service cover all aspects of air-con cleaning services which are from dismantle of evaporator unit, evaporator coil chemical cleaning, condensate water drainage system cleaning, condensate drain pan & blower wheel and blade cleaning to condenser coil cleading.

In addition, our aircon service also cover electrical components as well as refrigerant system checking, moving parts lubrication, reinstallation of evaporator unit, and top up of refrigerant (R-22 gas).

Summary of General Aircon Service :

Condenser coil cleaning
Evaporator coil cleaning
Condensate water drainage system cleaning
Blower wheel and blade cleaning
Check all setting
Electrical components checking & repair
Refrigerant system checking & repair
Moving parts lubrication
Air-con evaporator coil and condenser coil cleaning
Filter checking, washing and cleaning
Check refrigerant gas level and top up gas
Checking of air conditioning fan, blower and blade
Checking and testing electrical parts and components
Cleaning and flushing of condensation water drainage system