Air Cond Service Subang Jaya

Full Chemical Cleaning of air conditioner is effective if the right chemical is applied in the cleaning process. That means the chemical is certified and approved for aircon cleaning purpose. In addition, the air conditioner technician or professional who perform cleaning should be well-trained in delivering the task. Chemical cleaning could effectively removes stubborn dirt, bacteria, as well as stains accumulated over time in the air conditioner unit, and hence improve the performance of your air conditioner.

There are pros and cons in using either acidic or alkaline chemical solution for air conditioner cleaning. Acidic chemical solution is comparatively more effective in cleaning the stubborn dirts and stains. The acidic nature of the chemical dissolves anything which it comes into contact. Therefore, the level of concentration of the acid mix and how soon you wash it off determines the level of corrosion to the aircon components.

Alkaline solution is milder. It does not dissolve or damage aircon components as effective as acidic solution. But alkaline solutio will still corrode the aircon components if it is left on the aircon components for a period of long time. Whether it is acidic or alkaline chemical solution, the solution must be thoroughly rinsed to avoid corrosion of aircon components.

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